Six Sigma Quality: Vol 2

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Six Sigma Quality: Vol 2

January 8, 2013

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This book has been tested in Six Sigma training courses, undergraduate and graduate courses in Quality Management, Quality Engineering, MBA and Executive MBA courses. The content of the training courses are consistent with ASQ (American Society for Quality) and other agencies and universities offering Six Sigma education, training, and certification in the U.S.

Brief Content of Volume II

Volume II focuses on the ANALYZE, IMPROVE, and CONTROL phases of Six Sigma. This volume contains numerous examples, cases, and hands-on exercises using the MINITAB statistical software that allows one to master the Six Sigma concepts. The text provides stepwise computer instructions to learn and apply the Six Sigma tools in real world.

This volume contains:

  • The concepts, cases and detailed discussion on Six Sigma Analysis, Improvement, and Control Tools with numerous examples
  • MINITAB applications with step-wise instructions