This course is a continuation of the two courses previously mentioned: Statistical Applications and Data Analysis for Business and Industry I and II. The course assumes a familiarity with statistical techniques and principles that underlie the statistical procedures. The course is designed for those who are using data analysis and statistical techniques and want to learn and implement the techniques using a standard statistical software such as, MINITAB. In this course you will learn statistical techniques and data analysis using the computer. The course will cover both simple as well as advanced topics. The techniques learned through this course will help you to apply a correct statistical technique to solve a specific problem. The objective is to learn how to use MINITAB and be able to interpret the results. To be able to correctly interpret the results requires an understanding of the conceptual foundation upon which statistics is based. This course is a prerequisite to Six Sigma training and implementation.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • understand the computer system and software, data entry, editing and manipulation, numerical and graphical techniques using the computer software
  • construct various charts and graphs (Graphical Techniques for Six Sigma)
  • descriptive and inferential statistics using MINITAB
  • random number generation
  • probability distribution and how they work
  • sampling and sampling distribution using computer
  • estimation and hypothesis testing using computer
  • regression analysis using computer
  • performing analysis of variance using computer.
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