Minitab Book Sample Chapters

Learn the Six Sigma and Quality Applications using the following chapters in this book. The book contains examples with step-wise instructions on using MINITAB® statistical software. The data files for all the examples and exercises are included with the text.

(MINITAB® is one of the most widely used statistical software in Six Sigma).

  (Click on each chapter to view the sample pages):

 Chapter 1:    Introduction to MINITAB and Getting Started

                          (A tutorial is included to learn the software)

Chapter 2:    Graphical and Visual Techniques

Chapter 3:    Data Analysis and Descriptive Statistics to Summarize the Data

                        (Graphical Summary of Data)

Chapter 4:    Quality Tools: The Basic Tools and Seven New Tools of Quality

                          Pareto Charts, Cause-and-effect Diagrams, Multi-vari Charts and others

Chapter 5:    Calculating Distributions: Discrete Distributions and Applications in Six Sigma

Chapter 6:    Calculating Distributions: Continuous Distributions and Applications in Six Sigma

Chapter 7:    Normal Distribution and Applications, Probability Plots, Plotting

                           Distributions, and Fitting Distributions

Chapter 8:    Sampling and Sampling Distributions_ Simulation involving Central Limit Theorem

Chapter 9:    Estimation Theory and Confidence intervals_ Computing and Interpreting

                         Confidence Intervals using Computer

Chapter 10:  Performing Hypothesis Testing _ One Sample and Two Sample Tests

Chapter 11:  ANOVA and Design of Experiment Tools _ Performing and Interpreting One, Two, and                           Multiple Factors Tests using Computer

Chapter 12:  Simple and multiple regression analysis and modeling

Chapter 13:  Modeling using MINITAB

Chapter 14:  Nonparametric Tests using Computer

Chapter 15:  Control Chart Applications using Computer