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Learn the fundamentals of Six Sigma and how to get started immediately.

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We are a team of educators, researchers, consultants, and engineers with experience in Lean Six Sigma, Business Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Mining, and Data Visualization.

We provide high-quality training in Lean Six Sigma, Quality Improvement, Data Analysis, Design of Experiment (DOE) and related techniques.

Our services include:

We can provide customized training to meet your specific needs and requirements which will allow you to learn at your pace.

We can provide different modes of training to suit your needs, which include: traditional classroom training, online training, or a mixture of traditional and online training.

Our training material and books have been tested in:

Six Sigma training courses for Engineers and Managers, Undergraduate and Graduate level courses in Quality Management/Engineering, and MBA and Executive MBA courses

Our training material is carefully designed with step-by-step instructions and real life examples.

Reasons to learn from us.

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